Steve Sabella

"For my daughter Cécile’s 16th birthday, I wanted to surprise her by taking all the shirts I photographed for the original artwork Cécile Elise Sabella in 2008, back then, when she was only four, and blend all of them to create something new. But, as much as I tried, I reached nowhere. The collage lacked spirit. Then it hit me to photograph the clothes she wears now to contrast the past. And to give it more depth, I asked Cécile to do the project with me, adding her selection of my clothes and Francesca’s (the partner and the mother). This time, we only shot the outer surfaces, and while the camera was on slow shutter speed, by mistake, by chance, the fabric moved. And this vibration was our gateway to other realities. 

In 2008, I photographed Cécile’s clothes from both sides, aware that there is always the other side. This time, we leave the invisible side to your imagination.

When Cécile was young, I felt relief when we finally found a common language, which I called the language of exile. Today, Cécile and I communicate through the language of art."

The Original Cecile Elise Sabella Art Project in 2008

Berloni Gallery | London

Fragments Solo

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Video from the 2008 Artist Book





The Making of Endless




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