On Earth



A collage from Plotzensee in Berlin.



A collage from Mount Etna in Sicily



A collage from the Amalfi Coast in Italy

An allegorical image as precise as his photographic works, only apparently chaotic and lysergic. In them, the reality is fragmented into details - a part for the whole - then reproduced in collages until they become abstract visual patterns, soft landscapes, often looking like paintings.

La Republica Industry Expert

Steve Sabella's photographs are labyrinthine and extraordinary alchemical constructions, surgically recomposed on the basis of fragmented and dissected everyday images.

Federica Maria | Artribune | From Bosch to the Bible Industry Expert

XIBT Contemporary Art Magazine

"Their depth and pictorial perspective follows the logic of a dream"

Wavelengths Solo | Turin

Juliet Art Magazine

Metroquadro presents, the solo exhibition of the internationally renowned artist Steve Sabella born in Jerusalem and residing in Berlin since 2010. Sabella returns to Meteroquadro with “Wavelengths”, a collage of photos collage that includes a new series, On Earth. Since the mid 1990s, Sabella has pushed the photographic medium to its limits. His experimentation in darkroom processes and digital composition, along with his bold responses to pressing political conflicts of the last decades, has garnered him an international reputation.

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The eco-Futuristic Photography of Steve Sabella

Your comment about how On Earth is an example of 'how people let others be' is very interesting. As a photographer, do you feel a tension to document the world as it is vs. the artistic impulse to exploit "reality" for your own artwork?

I see myself as an artist who explores the medium of photography. And what is reality? There are only perceptions of it, and even though it does seem that we share the same reality, in essence, we don't.  I don't exploit reality. I observe it. In the 1990s, during the work on my first major art project, Search, I learned a quote by Robert Bly that still inspires me:

"Whoever wants to see the invisible must penetrate more deeply into the visible."



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