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The Artist's Curse

Coming to Light, 21/4/2023

Kindle (pre-order)




The print is already available for preorder in some major stores like Barnes & Noble.

"The Artist's CurseCure" is an essential guide for artists looking to master their craft and make a living from their work. Written by renowned artist Steve Sabella, this book provides an engaging and informative read full of insights to get your creative career off the ground. Sabella gives readers a motivational course on living off art, navigating the complex self and the art world through a series of interconnected micro-narratives, tips, and focused short analyses.

With more than thirty years of experience in the art world, Sabella shares his secrets and learning process with readers in an easy-to-follow yet powerful way. This book is divided into 365 curses, covering topics such as creating and selling artwork, learning artistic and mental skills, on purpose & essence, the value of art, on artistic freedom, the artist's block, validation and recognition, networking, on the art career and much more. The dynamic design further adds to the alchemy of the book, making it an engaging read for art lovers. 

This book is perfect for young artists who want a better foundation for their careers. It is also an excellent resource for those at any stage of their journey, providing insight and inspiration to help make a living by creating the art you love and staying true to your soul.

The Artist's Curse covers the following themes:

On Creating & Creation

On Being An Artist 

On Navigating The Self

On The Art Market

On Inspiration & Getting Inspired

On Developing Artistic & Mental Skills

On The Art World 

On Patrons, Collectors & Collecting Art

On the Value of Art

On Purpose & Essence

On Imagination

On Validation & Recognition

On Copyright & Legalities 

On The Art Career

On The History of Art

On Art Exhibitions & Art Fairs 

On Auction Houses

On Art Sale Channels

On Art Marketing 

On Galleries, Museums & Institutions

On Art Management 

On The Artwork's Image & On Looking 

On Education

On Organization  

On The Artist Studio 

On The Artist's Block 

On & Towards Artistic Freedom

On The Artist's Ego

On & Towards Mastership

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