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New Image Order

2022 - work in progress 

Photocollage of nineteenth and early twentieth-century photochromes.

New Image Order creates a fictional reality that sheds light on human history by reordering images. The photochrome process involves creating color images from hand-painted black-and-white photographic negatives, which are then transferred to printing plates through colored gels. Back then, the result must have looked like magic.

Reordering images from fragments of the past challenges the boundaries of time and space, inviting viewers into a realm where history and fiction converge, where painting and photography meet.

In an era where the concept of a 'new world order' resonates within politics, New Image Order examines shared layers of history, culture, and identity that shape life. By rendering the world as a stage, the assembled images offer a canvas for the past to coalesce with the present, inviting viewers to ponder the ever-evolving tapestry of our world.

New Image Order forgoes the use of captions, letting the images alone narrate the human story.

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