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The Parachute Paradox Award-Winning Memoir on Palestine

A NEW book The Artist's CURSE

New Image Order

a photo collage of 19th century photochromes

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A collage by Steve Sabella of over one thousand photographs captured by five award-winning Palestinian journalists from Gaza of the crowds who gathered every Friday from March 2018 for eighteen months to end the never-ending Israeli Occupation. Sabella contrasted these images with photos of outer space, merging the hermetically sealed Strip with infinity. This monumental “present-day fresco” demonstrates a nation’s eternal fight for liberation. 

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On Earth

"Their visual language is at once historical and contemporary"

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Bahrain National Museum Commission

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beyond euphoria

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The Artist's Curse





A motivational course on living off art, navigating the complex self and the art world through a series of interconnected micro-narratives, tips, and focused short analyses.

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"If Steve Sabella’s 2013 series “Independence” were music, it would be trip-hop—a suave, steady beat wrapped in a sullen, ethereal pall, at once spirited and weighty… The ambivalent, distended bodies depicted are themselves textured by scales of light and shown as if in free fall or blurred by nebulous fluid." Kevin Jones - Artforum

"It then seems as though Sabella’s In Transition hit the nail right on the head and snowballed into a mental ecstasy. In the same week that he shot images for In Transition, came Euphoria, “like an explosion!” here, the images take on a chromosomal quality; the apparent veins and arteries clearly connect to one another and Sabella’s DNA is unmistakably lucid." Myrna Ayad

"Through his art, Sabella grapples with life in exile, with its distorting and destructive consequences. His is an art of understanding; it is poetic and suppresses neither expulsion nor salvation." Trent Morse | Art+Auction


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THE PARACHUTE PARADOX | Award-Winning Memoir

"The Parachute Paradox offers narrative storytelling of the life of the Jerusalemite artist and his experiences under Israeli occupation. It proposes a subject that is unprecedented in Palestinian literature: the liberation of the self and the homeland through the liberation of the imagination."

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The Exit Collection


Video Art 10:36 minutes

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