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Book Release: The Parachute Paradox | IMEU


The Parachute Paradox, a new book from Palestinian author Steve Sabella, provides a unique insight into the individual pursuit of global citizenship through the author’s life story.
Sabella begins in Jerusalem’s Old City, where he was born, and he quickly learns that only his unfettered imagination and bold spirit will enable him to see beyond his identity as a man living under occupation. Grappling to accept the power dynamic of colonizer and colonizee, The Parachute Paradox follows Sabella’s journey as he untethers his mind from the confines of occupation.
Yet as Sabella navigates two Intifadas and a kidnapping, his feelings of exile within his own homeland continue to grow. Eventually Sabella’s self-exploration leads him to travels in London, Dubai, and Berlin. In Europe, Sabella draws on his fragmented reality and identity, to create critically-acclaimed large scale photographic collages. “The search led to my collapse more than once, but I refused to surrender to the normalizing of war, grief, and death,” he says. “Instead, I looked for another way of living, one where the control over my destiny and imagination was mine.”
The progressive pan-Arab newspaper, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, praises the book for tackling “an issue unprecedented in Palestinian literature.”


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The Parachute Paradox | Second Version



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