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Earth Power | Group Exhibition | Montoro 12 Gallery | Brussels

April 26 | 2022

Earth Power!

Gabriela Albergaria, Paula Baeza Pailamilla, Alessandro Brighetti, Hanien Conradie, Jorge Mañes Rubio, NILS-UDO, Gabriela Noujaim, Luca Padroni, Steve Sabella, Chris Soal

Curated by Ursula Hawlitschka

Opening Tuesday, April 26, 2pm-8pm
Exhibition dates: April 26 – June 11, 2022
With special opening hours Wednesday, April 27 – Sunday, May 1 from 10am to 8pm

Montoro12 Gallery is pleased to present Earth Power!, an exhibition bringing together ten international contemporary artists exploring nature in the age of the Anthropocene, an age characterized by a major ecological crisis. Most Westerners today still live in a patriarchal order of hierarchical authority with a dualistic worldview, alienated from nature. The title of the exhibition alludes to a transformation that happens when we start to recognize the power of “Mother Earth,” the source from which all life springs. Indigenous peoples all over the world respect nature, believing that all forms of life (stones, plants, animals, humans...) are connected. When we start to honor the values of indigenous peoples, we will be able to dismantle the (still) dominant hierarchy of “man” as masters over nature. We will reconnect to the Earth, to nature and to the spirit world.


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