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Elsewhere | Steve Sabella | This Week in Palestine


Images of Jerusalem and notions of the past and transience have featured prominently in Sabella’s recent work. In an interview with poet Asmaa Azaizeh in September 2020, “Liberating the Imagination from the Poisons of the Occupation,” he expressed how from the beginning of 2020, he was very productive, producing work that would normally take him five years to create, adding that he gained more clarity with every finished project. Among the many projects, The Sound of Jerusalem is 360-degree photography of Jerusalem’s skylines transformed into soundwaves. Similar in concept to Elsewhere, Palestine UNSETTLED is a liberating photobook journey to the “Palestine that once was, to the Palestine that thrives in our spirit… a voyage between image and imagination by looking directly at reality. The visuals float between painting and photography, revealing layers of history, where it becomes felt how the Palestinian culture was embroidered together by people who embrace life.”


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