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Euphoria and Beyond | Charlotte Bank | Zakharif


Light shines through the branches of trees, caught in floating movements, ephemeral and fragile like the first rays of morning light after a long and dark night. Here, a cautious hope enters Sabella’s universe, a hope that gains in momentum in “Euphoria”, a triptych celebrating the euphoric deliverance from the mental bonds of anxiety in what might be called a “mental heterotopia”. Through the use of a similar technique of multi-angled photomontages as in “In Exile”, each of the three single pieces show a kaleidoscope of up-rooted trees. But their up-rootedness does not make them appear doomed, rather they seem to stretch out their branches, circling around each other in a light-hearted dance.
This new-found freedom is further explored in “Beyond Euphoria”, the series Sabella was working on when demonstrations erupted in Tunisia and Egypt. “Beyond Euphoria” invites the viewer into multi-layered landscapes, indefinable, yet attractive, stretching toward a far horizon.


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