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Foreword | Steve Sabella Photography | Kamal Boullata | Hatje Cantz



Since the third century, when Philostratus was recorded to have been the first to describe pictures he claimed to have seen in a gallery, writing on visual images has continued to call for the writer’s imagi- nation and knowledge to bridge the divide between visual and verbal expression. By penetrating into the interstices between image and language, paint- ing and photography, poetry and prose, Huber- tus von Amelunxen allows his reader to see what at first glance appears to be untranslatable to the eye. It is through his philosophical vision of pho- tography that we can begin to trace the roots of originality in Sabella’s work. Inspired by its contem- plation, he presents us here with a personal ode to contemporary photography. Von Amelunxen’s essay is as enlightening to read as Sabella’s photographic images are a dream to discover.



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