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Insider Outsider Photographers and the Intra-cultural Tourism Landscape | Isabella Ellaheh Hughes | Bahrain National Museum


At first glance, Sabella’s manipulated photographs from Sinopia appear curiously out-of-place amongst the other commissions, as they have such strong painterly qualities one wonders if they are photographs at all? Various, repetitive monochrome shapes are layered upon one another, creating a new world order of ambiguous architecture, with small identifiable elements, such as satellite dishes, windows and doors, give some reference point to the clandestine image. In contrast, a multi-frame rendering of Manama’s iconic skyline is at once instantly recognisable, yet Sabella’s technique once again is evocative of painting, this time more specifically watercolour, causing viewers to rethink not only their own presumptions about Bahrain, but also about the very medium of photography.


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