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No Man's Land at Sotheby's London. March 23 - March 30

Catalogue note

Sotheby’s is delighted to offer No Man’s Land by Berlin based artist Steve Sabella as part of an innovative initiative for the benefit of the Palestinian Museum, non-governmental association.

Steve Sabella uses photography as his primary mode of expression. He is known for his imaginative use of the medium and painterly photographic collages. Sabella’s award-winning memoir The Parachute Paradox (Kerber Verlag, 2016) follows his upbringing in Jerusalem. A clear reflection on concepts of homeland (both physical and perceived/psychological), it is a poignant narrative that transcends a one-dimensional commentary on subsequent, physical rootlessness. His words hope for a human condition that transcends culture and nationality – he calls for a bond and affinity to global citizenship.

No Man’s Land is a surreal triptych of three collages composed from images of Lake Victoria Park in London. Elements from the everyday environment – rotting leaves, feathers, pollen dust – are caught in sharp detail, transformed in the blending process. The lake’s surface appears instead like the darkness of space, with interminable depth, a topographic map, or a microscopic view of the ocean floor. In turn, these works ask us to imagine our surrounding anew, and see even a mere speck of dust as representative of all the unknowns and mysteries the universe has to offer.

Steve Sabella has generously gifted this triptych to the Palestinian Museum-Non-Governmental Association, Birzeit following his inclusion in the group show Intimate Terrains: Representations of a Disappearing Landscape at the Museum in 2019. Sotheby's is honored to present this lot in our sale to benefit the Museum's Education Programme.


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