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Palestine UNSETTLED: A Panoramic Lens into Palestinian Fate, Fortune and Fight | Khelil Bouarrouj | The New Arab |

Dec. 2022


"Palestine UNSETTLED is artist Steve Sabella’s canvas of the Palestinian people. Exhibited are over 100 photographs — an intimate portrayal of the Palestinian people and their lives.

Connoisseurs of Palestinian art will be familiar with Sabella’s installation works, which are staged worldwide. The Jerusalem-born, Berlin-based artist has centred the Palestinian experience — often in its fragmentary and exilic nature — in much of his prior work.

In 38 Days of Re-Collection, for instance, Sabella presents constructed fragments — a complete image denied, a common homeland delayed — that stand in for the quotidian life of Palestinians who exists across a discrete landscape of refugee camps, occupied lands, and the diaspora."



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