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STEVE SABELLA – PHOTOGRAPHY 1997–2014 | Book of the Month | This Week in Palestine

April 2015

“It obviously needed a Palestinian artist doing astonishing work to shake the very foundations of the certainty of my view and interpretation.”

Quoted above, Amelunxen presents a sweeping survey over the course of six essays titledAfter the Last Sky, Disentanglement, Cut, Palimpsest, Translation, and Counterpoint. Each provides a specific lens through which the artworks can be seen. An intricate balance is struck between entirely new and stimulated readings of the work, and references to the ideas of Said, Flusser, Benjamin, Alhazen, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Derrida, Butler, and Didi-Huberman. A more in-depth presentation is given of Mahmoud Darwish’s poetry throughout, which remarkably echoes the conceptual threads in Sabella’s work. Amelunxen raises more questions than he answers, engaging the reader in a conversation that extends beyond the pages of the book.




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