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Palestinian artist Steve Sabella discusses his new book, Parachute Paradox, in which he explores the concept of liberating the imagination
In Parachute Paradox, Berlin-based Palestinian artist Steve Sabella discusses life in Jerusalem, the occupation of Palestine and ultimately reaching liberation of the imagination. For Sabella, art is the path to liberation, and recently writing has become a significant part of his work. When he left Jerusalem and moved to London in 2007, he still felt the occupation to be dwelling in his body and consciousness.
When did you first realise you wanted to write this book?
I actually wanted to write this book when I was 20 — it just took 17 years for me to decide to pick up my pen, or in this case open my laptop. In November 2012, there was a moment when I felt I had achieved personal liberation and I wanted to shout that out to the whole world.

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The Parachute Paradox | Second Version

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