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Decolonizing the Palestinian Imagination | Mati Shemoelof | Mondoweiss

Oct 4, 2022

Artist Steve Sabella's new book, “Palestine Unsettled,” liberates the image of Palestine from the confines of the mainstream media and Israeli propaganda.

“I wanted to liberate the image of Palestine held hostage by the Israeli media machine, creating new meanings and connotations,” says Palestinian artist Steve Sabella about his new book, Palestine Unsettled. The photo book includes 130 unique images taken in Palestine during the Second Intifada and won the prestigious Arab Fund for Arts and Culture – AFAC grant. Sabella defines his premise like this: “”At one point in my life, as someone who lived under Israeli occupation, I realized that Israel colonizes not only the land but the people’s imagination too. This led me to speak about the colonization of the imagination and how in reality and practice, the quest should become to free the mind first, cleansing the images we hold of ourselves, liberating and setting them free.”

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